Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Member Spotlight: Sara Weingartner

CBIG member and illustrator, Sara Weingartner, is excited to announce the NEW release of the book Sam Picks Football, by MN author Kimberly Bettcher. This 32-page book is an enjoyable read for any age who likes football, or just playing sports with other kids. It is an action-filled game with kicking, passing, catching, scoring, learning about teamwork, and building friendships. The back of the book contains a step-by-step guide to setting up your own game of football.
The book sells for $7.95 ($8.50 incl. tax) and can be ordered on the website: or by contacting Sara at The book is set to be in are bookstores as well.

Sara has been illustrating and doing graphic design for almost 15 years. She loves to draw and paint. This book was created in acrylic. Sara resides in Minneapolis with her husband and daughter. More of Sara's work can be seen at

Kimberly has been writing stories and poems for her own children for many years and was inspired to write this book when her son asked for a book about football at his reading level. Kim has also dedicated her life to promoting health and activity for all ages and frequently creates programs where kids can find joy in participating in physical activities. Kim has over 10 years experience as a program director at a fitness and aquatic center. This project afforded her an opportunity to combine her lifelong love of sports with her passion for writing books for children.


Amy Cerny Vasterling said...

Nina, Shawn and Sara! Sara, the book is adorable! Nina and Shawn, nice site!!!!!

Shawn McCann said...

Sara, the book looked great!! Congrats on the new publication and look forward to many more to come!