Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CBIG Member, Lenora Drowns shares some thoughts on pen & ink...

I fell in love drawing with pen and ink in a high school art class. The intrigue of using a finely chiseled pen tip, holder and ink to create delicate or bold drawings won me over the first time I pressed the tip on the paper. As with every new love there were mistakes. Pushing too hard broke the tip or poked a hole in the paper. Using too much ink on the tip and the drawing ended up looking like a Rorschach test (which in itself isn't a bad thing; abstracts free the mind on a different level). However, it's quite frustrating when the drawing is ¾ finished with a deadline looming and an ink blob river covers the face of a polar bear.

I have never paid attention to brand names for tip holders or pen tips. If it feels right, I buy it. Speedball is a popular holder. I find it too bulky and cumbersome to use. There are several different pen widths and sizes. I find I am able to achieve what I want, using a mapping or fine point tip. My ink of choice is Higgins BlackMagic waterproof ink. I have experimented using other brands and colors. I use a hot press 90 lb illustration board, Strathmore drawing paper or any paper that will not “bleed through” and has a semi-smooth surface.

I find the people at the Wet Paint Art Supply store at 1684 Grand Avenue in Saint Paul to be very helpful. They are all artists and share the same passion for drawing and art as I do.

I work mainly in pen and ink and watercolor; my art leans towards an illustrative style. I am currently working on a graphic novel and I am available for free-lance or commissioned work.

When I am drawing with pen and ink, I am closest to the heavens and all is right on Earth.  –Lenora Drowns
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