Sunday, August 04, 2013

Member Post of the Month: Vicki Deutsch talks about her Art for the Epilepsy Foundation

Vicki's ArtMy art changed when I got my second seizure. Many people will have one seizure in their lifetime but when you have a second seizure you’re labeled Epileptic. I began a type of personal therapy by painting my feelings and fears about my epilepsy.

I also became connected with the Epilepsy Organization in the St Paul area. I went to monthly meetings and various events for people with Epilepsy.

I can’t remember how it got started but one of the operational managers named Vicki (not me but interesting how that worked out) decided to ask those with Epilepsy (and those connected with the Epilepsy Foundation), if they would be interested in submitting artwork to the Foundation for a small art show. The Epilepsy Foundation paid for and had all the art matted and framed. ALL ART was accepted; there was no jury for the work.

The Epilepsy Foundation continues to ask the people they know, (putting out the word to all people with Epilepsy), if they would be interested in submitting art to their expanding collection. For those of us involved in these art shows, we have been told ahead of time the art would not be returned so it had to be a piece we were willing to donate. All of my art over the past 10 years has been digital so the Foundation has been receiving Giclee’ prints from me. The only cost to me is the cost of having my digital art printed.

They are not asking for the artist’s copyright of their work but they are also not selling the art. The art is kept in a permanent collection. I’m hoping they will be able to sell copies of the artwork (from their collection) in the near future. 

As the years and the shows continue, the Epilepsy Foundation has collected a substantial amount of art from many epileptic artists who have been sending in one piece of art a year. There have been a number of art shows taken to a variety of places…..large businesses, hospitals, restaurants, galleries, etc. all around Minnesota.

The Epilepsy Organization and CBIG are the two main ventures for PRing my artwork.
Some of my Epilepsy art can be found on my blog at

Vicki Deutsch is a founding member of CBIG and is active in a large number of CBIG activities throughout the year. Learn more about her work by visiting her Blog and by visiting the CBIG website at

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